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no bees no life

No bees no life

Every third spoonful of food on Earth depends on bees or, more precisely, on pollination. The more the meadows are polluted and the more frequently they are mown, the smaller the number of bees. Do we even realize what that means for our future and for us?

The three authors behind the book No bees, no life are well aware of this. It is our mission to make sure this message reaches as many people as possible.

That is why we decided to publish a book like none before and it is being created over the last few months. We will shed light on this topic from different viewpoints together with more than 65 renowned beekeeping experts from 32 countries. We intend for the publication to be a homage to bees and beekeeping that will provide a technical yet comprehensible explanation suitable for all ages on why bees are so extremely important for our planet and what we can do to preserve them for the generations to come. The book will also offer a clear answer to why we need World Bee Day.

Peter Kozmus, Boštjan Noč, Karolina Vrtačnik


(Slovenščina) Srebrna knjiga že v 53 občinah!

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Dejan Milosevic, Serbia – The content, tips, concept of books and photos are a real treasure!

Today I leaf through a book. I'll read it in the winter when I have more time. The content, tips,…

Miran Gorinšek, mayor of Slovenske Konjice – We were happy to present the book to all schools and kindergartens in our municipalities

We gladly donated the book to all schools and kindergartens in our municipalities, since the awareness of the importance of…

Press release: Book, No Bees, No Life second in the World!

Apimondia World Beekeeping Congress is held every two years. This year, the congress took place between 29th and 4th October…

The book has already been purchased by 49 municipalities from Slovenia

  The book has rich content and, above all, spreads knowledge about the importance of bees. We invited the municipalities…

Jodie Goldsworthy, President of the Regional Commission for Oceania wrote about the book

Dear Peter, Bostjan, Karolina (whom I have not had the pleasure of meeting) & Tanja. Heartfelt congratulations to you and…