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Boštjan Noč

  • 20.06.2017

Honey breakfast in kindergartens and schools, Slovenian food day, European honey breakfast, the initiative for World Bee Day, numerous promotional campaigns and the consequent increase in the use of Slovenian honey from 1 kilogram to 2 kilograms, initiatives for planting honey plants, establishing Public Beekeeping Advisory Service, EU protection of Slovenian honey and many others.
I have written two books, namely Rojen za čebele (Born for beekeeping) and the manual Dobra čebelarska praksa 1 (Good beekeeping practice 1).
I have received several recognitions for my work. Among other prizes, I was given the highest award of the Slovenian Beekeepers’ Association – the level I Anton Janša Award, the Beekeeper of Gorenjska 2015 award of the Beekeeping association of Gorenjska, the highest award of the Beekeeping Association of Serbia, the Municipality of Žirovnica prize, an award for voluntary work of the National Council of the Republic of Slovenia and the title of the knight of the queen bee in 2011, awarded by the Italian NGO U.C.E.P.E.