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Press release: Book, No Bees, No Life second in the World!

  • 10.10.2017

Apimondia World Beekeeping Congress is held every two years. This year, the congress took place between 29th and 4th October in Turkey. An important part of the Congress is also the global evaluation of honey, honey drinks, beekeeping literature, beekeeping books …
We are pleased to announce that Book, No Bess, No Life won a silver medal and thus the second place in the world for the largest evaluation of beekeeping books in the world.

They said, among other things:
President of Apimondia Mr Philip McCabe is impressed with the book:
“This book is completely different from all of the books so far, since it is not the opinion of one author, but 69 from 32 countries. Such a book should have been written a while ago. I congratulate the main three authors on the initiative and all co-authors for contributions. This book is a new contribution of Slovenia to the awareness of the importance of bees in the world. It’s a unique book. ”

Dejan Zidan, Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Food:
“Some people understand this book almost as a Bible of beekeeping, because it contains articles and paintings from authors from all over the world. The book presents both a general view and very specific knowledge. An entirely fresh copy of this book was received by the Chinese Minister of Agriculture. It has a symbolic meaning. China was the first country and their vice-president Wang was the first world statesman to have been introduced to the idea of ​​the World Bee Day and immediately and fully supported us. With this, we received a billion and three hundred and fifty million Earth’s support in one conversation. That is why the first book was gifted to the Chinese Minister of Agriculture. ”

Jodie Goldsworthy – Australia:
“The book in addition to all the work and guidance that Slovenia shows in promoting the importance of bees, the world of bees and apitherism, is truly inspiring.”

Former President of Apimoondia Mr Gilles Ratia of France,  said about the Book: “The Book: No Bees, No Life is magnificent”.

Slobodan Jevtić, beekeeper from Serbia on the book: “You made a work worthy of admiration.”

Larisa Jasarevic, International Studies ProgramThe University of Chicago: “This is a unique work in the world, as can be seen from the index. The number of authors and the number of countries says everything. The book is special because it is not intended only for beekeepers, but for all people. All of us are dependent on bees – from pollination of bees and from healthy food.