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Mayor of the capital city of Slovenia Mr Zoran Jankovic is impressed with the work of Slovenian beekeepers

  • 10.01.2018

The mayor of the municipality of Ljubljana Mr Zoran Janković today at the headquarters of the municipality accept the President of the Slovenian Beekeeprers Association Mr Boštjan Noč and the Vice-President of Apimondie dr. Peter Kozmus. First he congratulated all Slovenian beekeepers on the implementation of the World Bee Day project. It is very important to him that the bees are our connecting link and that they are an excellent promotion of Slovenia and our green country. Boštjan congratulated the Mayor on the most pleasant municipality for bees, which became Ljubljana in 2017. Mayor g. Janković expressed his enthusiasm over the work of the beekeepers of his municipality, and at the same time he is considering how to upgrade and include more beekeepers.
The mayor was thrilled with the book No Bees, No Life, and he has ordered his services to join many communities who gave this book to schools, institutions, …
In the end mayor Mr Jankovič was invited to visit the Beekeeping Center of Slovenia on occasion.